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Simon Piano Tuning in Coquitlam, BC, Canada

Serving Coquitlam, BC since 2005


The average tuning time is 2 hours. It is to make sure all the keys is in fine tune and to make sure of maximum durability. Vacuum cleaning inside will be performed with your request without extra charge.


A couple of keys not working? One of the pedals not doing what you think it ought? “Mushy”-feeling keyboard? Broken strings? Kids got a hold of some household tools and decided to play “piano tuner” on your piano?

Give me a call or send me an email, and we'll discuss your options and prices.


All of the Various dimensions and movements in the piano are adjustable, by turning regulating screws, bending wires, changing spring tension and changing the thickness of felt and cloth cushions and paper shims, so that the piano action can be made to work correctly. Regulating a piano involves the careful adjustment of these parts so each does exactly what it should at exactly the right time.

tone regulating - Voicing

Tone regulating is the fine art of adjusting the tone quality of a piano so that each note has the desired amount of brilliance or mellowness.  Some technicians consider tone regulation to be synonymous with hanner voicing, or changing the resilience of the hammer felts.  All mechanical problems such as sluggish or loose action parts, buzzing strings, loose bridge pins, etc. must be corrected. Only after you repair, regulate, and tune the piano as well as possible are you ready to voice the hammers.


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